Joseph, a family man and a father of two has his shop located in a quiet district of Makongeni along Thika road. He started duka operations in the year 2019. Joseph used to close his business half the day to make stock runs to the Madaraka market, located about 6 km from his shop one way.

He used to spend a lot on transportation and experienced significant losses through damaged goods in transit to the shop. He complained about the careless nature of how his products were being handled by transporters. He used to forget some items for stock when purchasing, while some ordered ones missing on delivery. He complained of receiving spilling bags of sugar and torn packages of other things on delivery.

He struggled in silence since he couldn’t do much to avoid such incidents because there were no existing channels to help address these situations. He used to source his products from competitors like Soko watch, Twiga, Kanini, and mega wholesalers and is not aware of any existing apps from these competitors.

Before the app, Joseph was losing customers because of insufficient stock in his shop. The stock runs were very expensive and time-consuming which kept his re-stocking patterns at a minimum, maximizing time spent in his shop.

He said the stock-up process improved since he started using the kyosk app because it is very reliable and convenient. He can now check and compare prices for budget planning purposes. The same-day delivery has been a big boost in his stock-up journey because he can now place forgotten orders easily through the morning and afternoon slots, saving costs that were previously incurred by frequent commutes back to the market.

The app helps him check product variety and product availability status, an efficient feature that helps him plan ahead for future purchases. It also shows him the dispatch status of his goods, another feature that keeps him alert when planning the time expected to receive and inspect his goods.

Joseph has experienced increased revenue because he no longer runs out of stock like he used to, which has helped maintain and grow his customers. His goods are received on time and in good condition and the market developers assist in updating him on the dispatch process.

He says his business revenue has improved since he started using the Kyosk app. This has helped him carry out a facelift of his business premises and improved the economic growth of his family.