Our Core Values

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    We are passionate about what we do everyday

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    We are confident and driven to be CEOs of our field

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    We bring the best to work everyday and deliver reliably

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    We build teams based on trust and we succeed together

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    We get things done at pace and scale while we constantly innovate


We have brought together a team with experience and network in major corporations, technology companies and start-ups in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. We have what it takes to ensure that selected start-ups achieve rapid growth.

Kyosk Stories

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    Lewis Munene

    I can describe working at Kyosk as being exciting, motivating, stirring, and fulfilling. It is a highlight of my professional career because I get to work with talented engineers, interesting perspectives, diverse applications of technology, and never-seen-before system architectures; all this is towards a great cause. I have learned much and have been challenged to come up with innovative ways to solve problems, and it is fulfilling because the input I give actually counts towards making the lives of millions of people better.

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    Anne Mbugua

    I absolutely love working with Kyosk because it is an opportunity to work with a world-class operation, product, and engineering team that has representation across Africa to innovate to develop products that empower informal retailers collaboratively. Informal retailers are a major contributor to the African economy because consumers get access to basic necessities such as dry foods, cooking oil, toiletries, fresh foods, etc. Grateful to be part of a team that is constantly innovating for ways to reduce the cost of distributing for informal retailers because it connects with my personal purpose and my desire for business/professional impact.

Leadership Team

We measure our success by the number of people we’ve supported to become active users of retail since we were founded in 2015.

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    Rilwan Oladipupo

    General Manager Nigeria

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    Jameela Wilkerson

    Global Head of People & Admin

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    Esmie Manda

    Kenya Country Manager

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    Fred Akoko

    Global Head of Operations and Commercials

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    Elijah Maina

    Global Head of Kyosk Plus

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    Raphael Afaedor

    Co-Founder & CEO

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    Gabriella Csmor

    Global Head of Strategy and Data

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    Jiten Joshi

    Tanzania Country Manager

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    Hazel Twesigye

    Uganda Country Manager

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    Abdelazim Mohammed

    Global Head of Purchasing

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    Gavin Harvett

    Chief Product and Technology Officer

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    Julius Olabisi

    Nigeria Country Manager

If you are passionate about transforming Africa’s retail, welcome to The Home of Kiosks!

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