If you are passionate about transforming Africa’s retail, welcome to The Home of Kiosks!

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Why people are joining Kyosk

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    Your work will make a big difference in everyday peoples’ lives

    Your competence has an enormous potential to improve the world around us. Working with equally talented colleagues, you will do work that matters in the lives of real people. The impact of your work on their lives will fill them with immense pride.

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    You will be surrounded by driven and impact oriented people

    You will work with smart colleagues who are also very affable and caring. We continuously work to create an atmosphere and interactions that bring the best out of us. Our goal every day is to leave the office even more energized than we came in.

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    You’ll have fun while doing meaningful work

    You will find meaning in the work you do through the impact you have on the lives of kiosk owners and their customers, and you will grow tremendously while having lots of fun. From birthday celebrations to TGIFs and family retreats, we have deliberately created an office full of fun and productivity. There is never a dull moment at Kyosk.

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    You’ll work with a diverse team

    We provide equal opportunity for all employees regardless of age, religion, race, sex, marital status, disability, etc. Our diversity reflects our attitude of hearing all opinions to create the best solutions that improve the lives of everyday people.

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    You will have the ability to work flexibly and remotely

    As long as you bring the best of your abilities, you’ll find yourself a platform to do great work here. Everyone at Kyosk is the CEO of their area of responsibility; we empower you while holding you accountable.

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    You will have access to competitive remuneration and great benefits

    Our goal is for you to thrive because that will in turn enable you to help our retail partners and suppliers to thrive too. We offer paid leave days, health insurance, observed holidays, enhance paternity & maternity leave, and more.