We are the home of kiosks, local eateries and small holder farmers

Kyosk stories

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    Gavin Harvett

    We continue to grow our world-class team of Product and Software engineering talent from across the African continent. Our remote working philosophy is supported by self-motivated, driven individuals who rally around the common vision of empowering traditional retailers in Africa.

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    Elijah Muraya

    At Kyosk, I get to have the two things that I value most in my engineering career: 1: Doing work that matters:  we get to build products that empower informal retailers all across Africa, to do business better on a daily and grow themselves 2: Work with cool toys 😎:  as an engineer, I always want the flexibility to innovate with new tools and ideas, to solve both new and old interesting problems. At Kyosk, I get to do the above and much more (don’t get me started on the career-ladder growth opportunities 😉).

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    Frank Tamre

    👋vipi! The thing I find interesting at Kyosk is solving for scale. Kyosk’s vision of empowering traditional retailers across Africa plus the people that were already here is what drew me to join. I love that I get to daily solve the challenges we encounter as we scale rapidly with an amazing team while learning in the process. I have found Kyoskers to be helpful and understanding whenever you need them. It satisfies me to know that we have helped a small retailer in Africa be more empowered by the positive work we are doing daily😍!

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Why engineers are joining Kyosk

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    Fast growing company

    You will be part of a vision oriented company that is ever evolving in its services as well as technology in empowering Africa’s traditional retailers.

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    Access to leadership

    You will enjoy an open and well organized company structure that will greatly enable your access to leadership for a wide variety of reasons be it strategy alignment or idea sharing.

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    Close to strategy

    You will be part and parcel of company strategy through numerous workforce consultations, brainstorming sessions and execution layouts.

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    Remote working

    You will be able to work from anywhere based on your preference or comfortability with access to leading collaborative technologies.