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    • Kyosk Head Office

      P.o box 75661 – 00200 Heritan House 1st Flr, Woodlands Rd, Hurlingham, Opp. The DOD Headquarters. Nairobi.

      +254 (4) 207 5314

    • Kyosk Head Office

      P.o box 105073 Along Nyerere Road Vingunguti Viwandani Street Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

      +255 0717 424757

    • Kyosk Head Office

      P.O.BOX 108240, KAMPALA, UGANDA.



    • Kyosk Head Office

      P.o box 78848 – 00507 FCT, First Floor, 2, Allen Avenue, Gabriel Akinmade Taylor Plaza, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

      +234 8033889558